1. Christine

    I think I would love farm life love animals but what I would most like to do is lambing in the spring its on my bucket list Aimee my daughter is 11 loves horses she was riding at croft but she’s just stopped loves them so if you have any she can come see one day please x

  2. Harriet

    Thank you – been living with my farmer for 4 years but grew up outside of the farming community and still work and socialise with non-farmers. It’s nice to see the funny and irritating moments talked about by someone else, instead of always being the one explaining. I once found a dormouse in my boot – very unnerving at the time but sweet! Mud – no one outside of a farm realises the levels of mud!!!

    Last night Tom was late in. I was getting a little miffed as dinner had been in the bottom AGA for an hour, keeping warm, and was starting to dry out. I went outside to see how he was doing just in time to see him pull a breeched calf out of one of the Anguses. The image of that calf slithering out into the floor, the rumble of the mother and the stars overhead made me smile for the rest of the evening x

  3. Yvonne Dudley

    6 and 9 are so accurate. I’m currently waiting to see if we can go to the beach for the day. Can’t go until the AI man comes on an out farm

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