1. You look bloomin amazing Mrs! Very country chic! Sorry to hear you aren’t sleeping – how frustrating but pleased that you’re growing well and they’re happy with you. I might have started with the cute baby purchases in the sales this week… oops xx

  2. What a fab bump Emma, you’re looking fantastic! Love that your husband jokes that you’re looking like a kinder surprise! I’m constantly catching my husband giggling at me and my bump (in a nice way) but just because it is growing so much! I’m with you on the ‘not sleeping’….so frustrating when you’re so tired but as soon as the lights go out there is no getting to sleep! I keep getting up to read but I can’t nap during the day so need to kick that habit! Gosh not long to go for you now….exciting! #MaternityMondays

  3. Ah you are looking fab! Sleep has become a bit elusive for me…if I’m not coughing, I’m awake needing a wee and then it takes me an age to get back to sleep. Think it was easier in my first pregnancy cos I could just have a sneaky nap in the daytime to catch up…no such luck with a crazy 4 yr old around though! #maternitymondays

  4. You and bump look amazing. Sorry you’re not sleeping, it’s so frustrating when that happens. So cute your hubby is calling you kinder surprise Haa xx#maternitymondays

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