1. Can’t wait to hear that your little one has arrived and how amazing are you going on a trip to the safari park at 37 weeks?! I hope the birth and your recovery all go well and you get lots of rest now before baba arrives xx #maternitymondays

  2. Oh bless you Emma, it is all so imminent now. It was interesting to hear what form of birth you would use – I’ve never had a c-section so not sure what to expect if I do have one. I cannot wait to hear your happy news and I will be sending a little prayer your way and thinking of you my lovely. Much love xx #MaternityMondays

  3. Ooh so nearly there, I can sympathise on the c section front, not fun but as you say necessary, I hope it all goes smoothly and the recovery is quick and straightforward for you

  4. Lovely to read you’re feeling a bit better and have had a fairly positive week. So exciting that baby will soon be here, I will be keeping an eye out for news! #MaternityMondays

  5. Gosh I’m impressed with your safari trip, I’ve been too knackered to do any day trips! Kudos to you! Good luck with the delivery, keeping my fingers crossed and look forward to seeing the new addition.

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