1. Hi Emma,
    Sounds like a few fantastic days out ahead! We have a few on our ‘want to do’ list too. The UK is a fascinating place, packed with stories and adventure huh?!
    I’m in total awe of your lifestyle. We’re currently living in the city, and are itching for land for our little people to run free. I love reading your stories!
    Saira xox

  2. Jennie

    I too live in a farm bubble and have a list of places I would like to visit. Edinburgh as I have seen it on TV and it looks so different from home, Whitstable as I love the sea and never been to the Kent coast. Liverpool as, my dad once said he would take me to a football match there and he has now passed away so it would be in memory. Highlands of Scotland, for the air and space….. I could go on!
    If you come to London, give me a shout, it’s only an hour by train from me

  3. Emma i’d like to go to Ironbidge, that’s Shropshire I think, also Edinburgh and the Cotswolds would be on my list. I’ve been to Harrogate & had a fab weekend with my Mum, we visited the Emmerdale set on the way home too. It’s a lovely memory I have of a special time, Harrogate is gorgeous and we had a great laugh too. x

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