1. I’m not keen on tumble driers, I think they’re a bit unnecessary. We just end up with clothes hanging all over the house in winter, the urgent things go in the airing cupboard!

  2. We have a lounge full of ariers and the radiators turned up. I have a small dryer and often pop things in to finish them off especialy the cloth nappies that take 2 days to dry at this time of year. That way i save energy and have less ironing too!

  3. I need one of those things for the radiator in my life. I’m still optimistically hanging washing on the line and despairing when it’s still wet at the end of the day! Xx

  4. If I can’t line dry in the winter, I use the tumble dryer for underwear, sheets and towels etc. Clothes go on a couple of airers over the cellar radiator. I’ve got a humidity extractor fan down there too which gets rid of the excess water in the atmosphere.

    If we have the log burner going, then all my airers get filled and go in front of the fire in the evening and overnight. That way I can get a couple of loads dry in one go and all the excess water in the air goes up the chimney..

    I don’t dry clothes in the house over radiators as it’s the quickest way to get black mould.

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