1. Oh gosh yes, I was nodding along to all of these! I have to admit I fed my child finger food for a solid 2 hours once while I was meeting with a client at home and she was there. She was about 12 months old. Bad mum!

  2. During the summer months, it’s easier to keep them entertained as they can play in the garden with the trampoline. What we struggle with is when it’s dull and cold for six months of the year. During that time, they run out of things to do and end up with either the TV or the iPad. I make a rule that they don’t play more than one hour on the iPad. I can see the change into bad behavior if they play on the iPad for longer.

    • farmerswifeandmummy

      We have an array of outdoor clothing suitable for all weathers 😉 there’s no excuse here but an hour is a good thing. I felt the same about the behaviour which is why I now say it’s broken-how mean am I?!!

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