About and Contact

I am Emma, a farmer’s wife and a mummy to our three children.

I have been a journalist for over ten years and am determined to write a novel one day-if I ever get a spare moment from looking after all of the children and animals.

I became a mummy in January 2011 and January 2015 (April must be an amorous time here) and March 2017. It took a long time to be blessed with Baby G and I blogged through that pregnancy and my next to keep me sane until our little #farmbaby2015 and #farmbaby2017 arrived.

We live an outdoors life here, on the farm and we love toys, clothes and food items to review.

Boo loves Minnie Mouse, dolls, books and sweets.

G is into anything animal, tractor, machinery or dinosaur.

Baby J just likes anything his big sister and brother has.


I am not a typical farmer’s wife. I love glitter, pink, make up and fashion as well as crafts, baking and home decor.

Let’s not forget the animals. We have six dogs, many farm cats, four goats, hundreds of sheep, ducks and a flock of chickens.

I am always happy to hear from brands about products, events and projects relevant to me and my family.

Strange things happen to me a lot of the time. Sometimes my fault, sometimes not but if you want to feel normal (I’m not) and read about the funny things that happen to me and my family, then follow or get in touch.

Email news_from_emma@yahoo.co.uk or check out the links to social media at the top right of this page.