Adventures on Hotter Shoes

I have always loved shoes. One of my earliest memories is playing shoe shop at my grandmother’s house and trying on all her shoes.

Indeed, only recently, my mum’s friend revealed she had been in my bedroom when I was in my early 20s and still lived at home and thought my room looked like a shoe shop. Purely because I had an enormous shoe rack filled with beautiful shoes.

It took me ages to get a job after university so, as a reward, when I did get a job and I was young, free, single and living at home, I would buy a new pair of shoes each payday.

I reackon I spent most of the month trawling shoe shops in Manchester, trying things on and wishing the days away until payday.

Those days are long gone. When I bought a house, my shoe collection began gathering dust. I still went out at weekends but didn’t buy many new pairs unless they were in the sale.

I remember being, probably eight months pregnant with Boo and going to the Trafford Centre with Hubster wearing six inch heels. Needless to say, I had to buy a pair of flats while I was there, otherwise I would have had to go home.

Becoming a mother has really snuffed out my own shoe story. I now live my shoe-love through Boo whose own love of shoes had it’s  very own blog post.

Recently however, I won a blogging, Twitter competition to win a pair of shoes (of my choice) from Hotter shoes.

Due to the sheer choice along with the burden (yes, burden) of choosing the right pair, it took me four days to tell the very patient people at Hotter which style I had picked.


I opted for the Hattie wedge in black which I thought not only was a lovely, summery shoe which would go with everything but, just a few weeks after giving birth, might ease my feet back into heels.

I was so excited when the parcel came but I was determined to keep the beauties for myself so I hid them from my shoe-loving child. Goodness knows where she gets her shoe-love from.

Needless to say, the four-year-old shoe-sleuth was not to be thwarted and I had to smile to myself when I saw her in my Hotter shoes. They get Boo’s approval by the way.


My first trip out in the shoes was an ambitious one. I had to take Beb for an ultrasound on his hips.

At my local hospital, they scan all breech babies to check them after being squashed the wrong way for so long. Thankfully, he was fine but we all know how far you have to walk in hospitals but I encountered no problems and proceeded to the town centre for a shop.

In heels (well, wedges but who’s picking?)

Some five hours after the Hattie shoes went on, I slipped them off when I got home with not one blister in sight.

I also had a go around the farm in them a couple of days later and despite dodging the mud, I was really pleased and felt like a really glamorous farmer’s wife. While some of the photos turned out reasonable of me in the shoes, I thought it would be more amusing to show you the silly faces I managed to pull here:


and here, being really brave with a horse-yay me.


It has been like walking on little pads of air in those Hotter, Hattie, hotties and I am so pleased with them and I think I made the right choice. Why not have a look at their website yourself and see which shoes you would pick.


  1. I rarely have heels on myself these days – I’m determined that I’m not going to have a Birks tan this year though – I want to wear some prettier sandals.
    Lovely to see you on #TriedTested this week x

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