Baby food headlines and why I think Ella’s Kitchen is best

The latest news that shop bough baby food is not as nutritious as homemade is little surprise to many of us.


Since having my daughter, I must admit that I look at food labels a lot.


I hate the fact that many of the foods we consider healthy have sugar and salt in them. For instance I always buy the low sugar/low salt baked beans-why do we even need sugar and salt in the first place in these products?


Breakfast cereals really get my goat-fair enough, you expect the sugar coated varieties that are aimed at children to be packed full of sugar but not wheat bisks (wheatabix and the like)


Basically, for breakfast cereals, the only sure way you know you are not getting any sugar is to have porridge oats. How disappointing.


Now on to baby food. I strived to make homemade nutritionally balanced food for my child when she was weaning (and now) but let’s face it, there were times when I forgot to get something out of the freezer or I was rushing out and I had to feed her some ready-made baby food.


I studied every brand and I have to say I think the study by the department of human nutrition at the University of Glasgow was somewhat misleading.


Yes many brands do carry extra sugar in them but for me, one brand always came on top-Ella’s Kitchen.


There are no additives or salt or sugar. I tasted them-they tasted the closest to my cooking.


Any sugars found in Ella’s Kitchen foods are from natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables.


As parents, you have to find your own way in the foray of baby food and weaning. I was just concerned that if parents only read the headlines, they would be missing out on the best baby food available on the market.


Ready made is not ideal but when you have to feed something quick, the foods that are closest to homemade are better than anything else.

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