1. Karen Thornburn

    Oooo and Letters from the Lighthouse be Emma Carroll (this is a junior fiction book but woukd recommend reading it) .. working for a library service has one or two perks

  2. I’ve not read any of the books you’ve mentioned but may search out some of them now. I met Joanne Trollop once, although I didn’t know who she was (it was on a dog walk as she lived near to me). Later on I read A Village Affair and some of her descriptions fitted the village we lived in … plus there is a minor character in the book with my full name in it. I have no idea if she had maybe heard my name in the village and liked it or if it was just pure coincidence.

  3. I couldn’t even tell you wh0at my favourite book of the year was. I read a lot of trash, plus crime books and the occasional more heavy going thoughtful one. I recall a really good psychological thriller but can’t remember much.more. I find unless I have a really good Christmas where I read about 5 books in 2 weeks I stand no chance of reading my targets because I get to august/September and it takes me 2 m9nths to read 1 bok. That’s when I get lazy and start reading mills and boon trash to catch back up again. I like to read enjoyable easy happy books because I’ve read some must haves over the years that I’ve found so dull.

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