The realities of new born babies

Ah those early days with a new born. The joy, the happiness, that lovely milky smell. Don’t forget the sleeplessness, the fear and the neurotic tenancies though. If you are reading this and you are pregnant with your first child, look away now. Actually, forget that. You probably won’t believe me anyway. This is my … [Read more…]

My Family is Complete and other annoying sayings

I’ve written before about a mother’s greatest critic being other mothers but having a newborn gives everyone the right to have a say in your life it seems. Even having older children does the same. No sooner was Boo out of the womb than people were asking if we were having another baby. Mentioning the … [Read more…]

Theraline Plushy Moon Pillow- A Review

Just before I had Beb, I was sent a Theraline Plushy Moon pillow. I had a maternity pillow when I was pregnant with Boo and used it for sleeping. My Beb pregnancy didn’t seem as bad sleep-wise. I am putting this down to having a tiring child to look after. After the casearean however, I … [Read more…]