The Antenatal Day Unit- a soap opera

Over the last few months I have spent a lot of time at the Antenatal Day Unit (ANDU). Despite much of the time being bored out of my tiny mind, it is quite an exciting place but, for the moment, the excitement always seems to be happening to other people. You see there are three … [Read more…]

My Breastfeeding Story first time round and my plans for Number 2

I totally planned to breastfeed when I had Boo. It seemed to happen in hospital so they let us go home. I found no support so that night, when I arrived home with this tiny baby who was my responsibility, I think I panicked. The first time she cried that night, I couldn’t get her … [Read more…]

The Gro Light, a review

Have you ever got anything which you know could change your life? I don’t mean a ground breaking change but, you know, something which will make your life so much easier? Well recently I was sent a Gro Light from the Gro Company. I have been waiting for the nursery to be done before I … [Read more…]