My Breastfeeding Story first time round and my plans for Number 2

I totally planned to breastfeed when I had Boo. It seemed to happen in hospital so they let us go home. I found no support so that night, when I arrived home with this tiny baby who was my responsibility, I think I panicked. The first time she cried that night, I couldn’t get her … [Read more…]

The Gro Light, a review

Have you ever got anything which you know could change your life? I don’t mean a ground breaking change but, you know, something which will make your life so much easier? Well recently I was sent a Gro Light from the Gro Company. I have been waiting for the nursery to be done before I … [Read more…]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my lovely readers. This is a selection of what you’ve read about in 2014. I hope you all have a wonderful 2015 and continue following our farm family journey.   Many best wishes