1. I’d love a boot room. We have a tiny utility room but the door to outside is currently blocked by the chest freezer so shoes are trampled through the kitchen first. I wouldn’t want it to be the main entrance though, just one we use. My idea is that the things in there are to be hidden. Guests need another entrance. Good luck, I hope you get the ball rolling for one soon.

  2. bec Jones

    Mud!!! annoying!!!! I hope you get a boot room soon 🙂 I need our porch converting to a boot room – or rather a running sho room – The Husband has about 15 pairs + work boots. me? I have one pair closed toe shoes and birkies/slippers downstairs (all my Irrecular choice are safely upstairs in a cupboard)
    love Bec xx

  3. WE have a huge utility room but it only helps keep the boots and coats/overalls out there. There’s still straw, mud and the like traipsed through. We also have a downstairs shower which is meant to be for mucky people before they come in the house. It never gets used, everyone just uses the nice shower upstairs. Would love a fancy boot room though – our utility room is rammed with bins, an old table, N’s bike, electric cool box and everything else that has no other space because the OH won’t have a shed!

    • farmerswifeandmummy

      Oh I think we need a shed too!! I don’t think people who are not farming families understand how much straw there is 😉

  4. Yes! I want a boot room too and I don’t even live on a farm. But my stable stuff needs a home other than my car and imagine how cute I could make it for Woody. All cosy! Thanks for featuring him xxx

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