1. Fantastic post Emma, and one that resonates in a small way for me even though we have share home life much more equally. I’m the one who does everything for the kids socially and school etc, my social life has to fit around them much more than my partner’s does.

  2. I totally agree with you, the way you live your life is nobody else’s business and if it works for you then that’s what matters. It sounds like you are a happy family and I bet some of the people who criticise you could learn a bit from that if they’re honest.

  3. I hear you Emma, fairly similar here even though before we returned to farming and were working 9-5 in our pre-kids days, Brian did all the cooking and we shared everything workwise really. He hardly knows how to turn on the washing machine now.
    And like you, I’m a bit possessive of the kids stuff. When I was doubtful about whether I could get to one of the kids parents evenings, Brian said he’d go (and yes, we have both gone on occasion) but I re-arranged things so I could go, he just might miss out on something that was crucially important!
    During calving, I don’t get up at night so much partly because I need more sleep than he does and partly because I’d be often driving the kids the next day.
    I remember the days of us sleeping on two double mattresses on the floor: child, Brian, me, child – so we’d all get sleep.
    And yes, I’ve often found multiple bottles or packets of particular things in the cupboard, it’s like I have a mental block every time I go shopping and forget that I’ve already bought noodles or tins of beans every time I’ve shopped recently.

  4. MardyKerrie

    I really enjoyed this post Emma. Our family is the opposite, I’m a stickler for all the shared housework stuff, but that’s just different people, different lives, different choices. I take my fair share of flack off outsiders for being the way I am – like you said it would be better if people just accept how we like to live, whatever way that is. As long as everyone is happy it’s all cool. (And I often fins multiple bleach bottles/washing powder, or NONE, which is worse!) We’re all just trying to do our best aren’t we. 🙂

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