1. Oh I wish I saw these when Evie was younger. My sister is having a baby soon, so may have to get a few of these for her baby shower 😀 x

  2. I am totally with you on the importance of bibs not being velcro and being aborbent in the right way! We had some funky giraffe bibs or Monkey as he was such a dribbler and they were the best value ones I found – great quality and low price. They get my vote! xx #MaternityMondays

  3. Bibs, bibs, bibs! The washing basket is always full, there are a few drying on the radiators and you can find at least two in every room of the house! Our little one is quite the dribbler, she has a bib soaked in minutes, so there are always a number of bibs being used in rotation every day! Our baby loves velcro as she can pull them off – buttons all the way!

  4. Gemma Williams

    Had some of these on my first and they wash really well and protect the clothing without being bulky

  5. Helen Garner

    I agree with you. Velcro sticking to other clothes in the wash drives me mad too. Love these bandana style bibs as long as they are absorbent. Some I have tried are better than others. Would love to try these.

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