1. Arlene

    I’d have to laugh at this I met my husband across his mother s table she had a b and b I was bored waiting for my friend so she said I could go feeding calves with himself we just got on straight away nine yes later still together it was never the farm the problem it was the long distance from each other

  2. Kerry wilson

    Farmers daughter and farmers wife!!! Said I also wanted to marry someone just like my dad, and I did. Old fashioned, hard working farmer. Farming is not a job it is a way of life!

  3. Love it, my friend married a farmer (about 35 yrs ago) he picked us up from work in a Range Rover when they weren’t a fashion item & hardly anyone had one.

  4. Kate mason

    I met my husband driving a tractor to Paris for charity. We have been married for 34 years and nothing changes . The farm still comes first every time, holidays are a rare treat, and the dog spends more time with him than I do. I wouldn’t change it most of the time. But to survive you need to be strong of mind and body, self contained,resilient and have understanding friends.

    • farmerswifeandmummy

      Haha our dog is mine so thankfully it is me she sees more of. Holidays are overrated 😉

  5. Emma

    Thanks for the read, can totally relate to this! What online forums are there? Would be good to join/contribute!

    • farmerswifeandmummy

      There’s a few on Facebook. I just searched farmer’s wives but check out Ladies and Livestock too 🙂

  6. My husbands cousin is married to a farmer and half the time she has to do things by herself as her hubby is so busy in the fields, on the farm or with the animals at work. I imagine being married to a farmer can be quite difficult but obviously well worth it.

  7. Mrs Robinson

    I met my farmer at a church Youth Club. What most impressed me? He had a car! Well, an old Mini Van.
    Fifty One years later we’re still together (minus the Mini Van).

  8. Let’s hear it for YFC! … I learned public speaking & how to dance. …. (They say I still dance like a cowboy). Married city girls. … Only been on a farm twice since I left The Sceptered Isle.

    Friends don’t understand why I get so much enjoyment from gazing upon a good looking cow, Clydesdalesor or talking to border collies. … (As a lad in short pants; Prince I were pals).

    Am single. … Would you recommend cabbages rather than roses? … There ya go, Lad. .. Cabbage roses?

  9. Suzanne Chappell

    I met my farmer husband in our local pub (which has now closed unfortunately). My family have a forces background so like you I’d never had any contact with farmers. It was a huge lesson on how they work and their unsociable hours but I wouldn’t swap it for anything. My children have loved the outdoor life we have. Even both following the same career as their dad.❤️
    They got used to not going on holiday during the summer holidays, last minute holiday bookings(I’ve got time this week let’s book a few nights away). Social gatherings where friends say “where’s your dad”
    Oh and your right about being clean. They may have one of the dirtiest jobs going but my three are always particular about being clean and tidy. ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Chris

    Thats the only life I ever knew from birth and i can feel every cell in my body dying in town. My life and essence is earth, rain, wind and fire. For the later only in a fireplace. I am from a long line of farmers, a capricorn and anybody who shares that passion is a friend. I grow everything i can in my small garden but that’s not enough, i need more. Getting stuck in the mud is nothing compared to being stuck in traffic. Every relationship has challenges irrespective of setting. If you have more than 90%shared goals like people that live and love farming, you will be ok and your shared goals, loves and pleasures will always show you the way home even in your darkest moments. Again nothing is in black and white. Human relationships are complicated beyond beyond the subject of farming. Happy hunting.

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