1. Oh that sounds so hard. Here is very similar in regards to maternity leave, its 45 calendar days and then back to work so just over 6 weeks. Its a tough one wherever in the world you are, even more so for those who are self employed.

    Sending you lots of love, and maybe you’ll get upgraded to the master suite again soon xx

  2. It is so hard. I am pregnant with my 4th and my hubby leaves home at 6am and gets back between 6-7pm. I feel like a single parent half the time lol. Sleep is fraught and I sometimes wonder how we will cope this time. But we will.
    Shared parental leave would never work for us personally, we just couldn’t afford it!

  3. It is a difficult subject as I’m not really sure Hubs would take extra paternal leave either – he loves his work and as he and his friend built their business together he doesn’t switch off from it. I can;t help but think how it must affect businesses too tbh! I think you could be right that it appeals to the government because not very people will actually use it, sounds like we are both cynics! Sounds like you have had a tough time hon, hope things improve for you soon! xx

  4. I agree, increasing maternity pay seems like a much better idea. After my first 2 children I had absolutely NO mat pay at all because I was studying. As a student I didn’t qualify for anything. This is something I would like to see change. If I wasn’t married and my husband earning, I don’t know what I would have done! This time round I am still a student but this time doing a PhD which I do get paid for so should be getting 6 months maternity pay. Hurray!

  5. Ah I completely agree – whilst is great to at least have some paid leave, the amount is very low. But it’s something. I did giggle when you were ‘invited’ back into the master bedroom – oh the cheeky…! We have this to look forward to when Mini makes an appearance soon – I’m not looking forward to the sleep deprivation one bit ๐Ÿ™ I hope things do get better and you get some more sleeeeeep soon! Mim @ http://www.mamamim.com #MaternityMonday

  6. Love the honesty and openness in this post which goes to show how very different circumstances can be.
    I am with you. If we value children, we should invest in their care and recognise what great jobs parents do in bringing them up often at huge cost to themselves

  7. The UK has better maternity leave than Ireland, and the Government here are promising a similar shared parental leave ahead of the next general election. I think it does wonders for gender equality, but agree only a small number of men will probably take it on. As a farmer’s daughter I understand your own plight x

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