1. My Monkey was the last to crawl, walk and talk. He’s just turned 4 and this afternoon he sang a whole nursery rhyme song to me from start to finish, the first time. His friends have been doing that for a year or two. They all get there in the end, I sometimes think my moments are more magical, because I wait so long for them! #magicmoments

  2. Leanne Rain

    Awww what a #MagicMoment Sometimes I do get the feeling amongst other parents that its all a race for when baby will crawl and walk etc… But all children do this at their own leisure!. My daughter is 9 months and shows no signs in crawling, but yet I know loads of other babies that are doing this already and have been for a while now.. But im ok with that, because shes my 3rd, I know exactly what comes next! ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe

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