1. Your little boy is so cute! Funny you should mention him babbling through the church service and the priest picking up on that, I remember when my daughter was about 18 months old she learnt the word ‘Amen’ and once said at the end of every line of a prayer – the minister praised her enthusiasm afterwards!! The first Christmas is so special, I’m looking forward to my boy’s first Christmas next year.

  2. Aww how is he already so close to being 1?! I remember linking up to #maternitymondays with my first update and he was just born! Crazy how fast time flies isn’t it. He’s grown into a beautiful little boy, I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year xx

  3. So cute 🙂
    Reading about not being able to leave him alone for a minute makes me so glad that Aria is still not crawling! I have it all to come to me though.
    I love all of his cute little outfits.


  4. AW how lovely, such a nice post. I remember getting Monkey his first shoes it was a really big thing! Sounds like it won’t be long until he’s running about. Very sweet that they play together it gives me hope! Thanks for hosting #MaternityMonday

  5. He’s adorable! They do grow so fast though don’t they? I’m finding time seems to be going even quicker with Gabe than it did with Toby – he’s almost 5 months and I swear he was only just born!

  6. Oh he does look grown up in that bow tie! I can’t believe he’ got actual shoes too! Such a milestone! Glad he had a good first Christmas too!

    Thanks for linking up, sorry I’m late commenting I’ve just been a bit behind as I’ve got no laptop!

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