1. Wow, just a stone?! I’m 24 weeks and have already put on a stone and a half. However, I haven’t been as good as you – I was eating lots until the heart burn kicked in a few weeks ago. Fab news that baby is getting ready to go. Good luck for the final few weeks!! X

  2. Fabulous, I’m so glad baby has turned! And well done for only putting on a stone, that’s amazing! I put on about 4 stone with both of mine, but both times it was gone within 3 months so you’ll easily shift a stone after birth.xx

  3. Well done! When I got weighed shortly after having Amy I’d actually lost half a lb . . . I made up for it in the weeks after whilst recovering from my C Section and BP issues and quickly gained an extra stone or so!!
    Well done for being so healthy! x

  4. I can’t believe you weighed yourself! lol though having said that I weighed myself once when pregnant, for me it was a bad idea but sounds like you are doing really well! Yay to baby turning, fingers crossed they stay that way! 🙂 xx

  5. I tend to not gain lots of weight in pregnancy, I always struggle to eat as well as I should and usually leave hospital lighter than when I got pregnant. It’s breastfeeding that always piles on my weight!

    It’s getting so close now, very exciting! Glad baby is head down.

  6. I’m glad baby has turned head down. Fingers crossed it will stay that way for you now and not be naughty!
    I can’t usually eat much during my pregnancies because of the sickness, I literally lived on pretzels and cheddars in my last!
    Thanks for linking up to #SundayStars x

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