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I’ve been thinking about this post for a while.

What are my top tips for weaning?

I think as Baby G nears his first birthday, the one thing that resonates the most is that no two babies are alike.


I think given half the chance, Boo would still be spoon fed while around three weeks ago, G decided if it wasn’t fruit puree or yoghurt, he would rather feed himself.

Since being seven months, he has eaten what we have. I do think he is not so keen on green vegetables which, as a family, we eat quite a lot of. I therefore think his sudden dislike of my food stems (literally) from his fear that I will hide a leaf of cabbage or a sprout in his dinner.


I am just going to keep trying though as I feel if he doesn’t love sprouts like the rest of us, I have somehow failed as a mother.

So what was essential at the beginning has now changed although some things we have used throughout.

The high chair or some other seat you can sit your baby is top of the list, followed closely by bibs as it can get messy.

2015-11-16 14.10.05

Spoons which they like taking food from is also a winner as well as little pots for food storage and serving.

While I used the pots for purees before, I am currently using them as little snack containers.


The large Vital Baby pots for example, make great containers for vegetable and bread sticks.

The other thing you will need lots of is perseverance as it can take babies quite a few tries before they will accept a new taste.

As I swept the floor last night after tea time, I reflected on our second weaning journey.

Weaning is basically a large scale picnic where you are tempting your child for what feels like forever and often end up sweeping it up off the floor or, in our case, feeding your dogs.

Not banana though, my dogs do not like them. Rusks though are their all time favourites.

We were asked to do this post as part of our Vital Baby Ambassadorship. All opinions are my own.



  1. Ha ha I always joke about our dog’s healthy diet as he gobbles up all our left overs. Each day he looks suspiciously into his bowl to see what my toddler had left behind for him! He is happy the puree days are behind us now!

  2. I hate to see the food on the floor, food gets thrown a lot these days by Little 3! Pots are so useful, purees and snack as you say, leftovers and lunch boxes too. Little 3 is currently deciding whether he likes proper lumps, some days he’ll gobble up his dinner and others he spits out all the lumps to check what they are before putting them in again, the funny thing, maybe he is checking for greens too! #maternitymondays

  3. I wish I’d bought bigger pots for weaning. Ours were too small to be re-used passed the weaning stage and now they’re just taking up space in the cupboard with all the other plastic tableware babies seem to accumulate!

  4. Aww I remember those pots, we used to make up puree and store them in the freezer for Mia and now we use them to carry small snacks in while we are out and about. I really enjoyed the weaning stage as Mia has always been interested in food since being around 6 months old, she still very much is ๐Ÿ™‚


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