1. Cutest thing ever! Thank goodness for your little bump so that you didn’t have to explain yourself!
    I never craved anything and always felt really cheated lol x

  2. No idea how I have missed this gem of news! Huge congratulations on your pregnancy and bump! Yay!!! I’m all about the sour sweets in this pregnancy and have devoured so many tangfastic sweets its unbelievable! So happy about your news! Xxx

  3. I LOVED bitter lemon when pregnant! And think you are so right to just embrace whatever the cravings are, I find it all so interesting – the stuff we suddenly NEED to have in our lives / stomachs! I never knew with me whether things like cakes were a pregnancy craving, or just me giving in (constantly) to my sweet and greedy tooth! The Indian takeaway story is very sweet, you can be a regular there now and they’ll look after you well ๐Ÿ™‚

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