1. Oh no! Has she said why she doesn’t like him? I have been waiting to read this post imagining a super excited little girl… Bless you hun, thank goodness you caught him. If you need any advice or anything, you know where I am xx

  2. That’s the cutest pony I’ve ever seen! If only we had land big enough for a pony. My 5 year-old was talking about wanting to have a donkey! Sadly, we don’t have room and only have space for a dog 🙁 #animaltales.

  3. awww! so cute! pony’s can be little devils and blaze seems to have started on the wrong hoof :p but very lovely though hope you and the little one enjoy! #AnimalTales

  4. Ah I always wanted a pony as a child too! Luckily although my daughters are enjoying riding lessons, neither have actually gone so far as to ask for one (yet). We are getting a puppy though soon, which I am VERY excited about 🙂 #animaltales

  5. Oh no, I hope Boo comes around to the idea of her own pony, I’m sure in time she’ll be so pleased. I bet you’re a little annoyed you’ve dropped the ball on dry January but on the bright side you didn’t fall over! #animaltales

  6. oh what an amazing thing. the pony is so tiny and cute! my daughter would love to have seen him! I did have to laugh that dry jan was over. he he he. Angela from Daysinbed popping over form #AnimalTales

  7. Blaze is beautiful – my children will be very jealous when I show them this! They have access to some family horses but all too big for them to really get to know horses.

  8. Bonjour Blaze … and yes – I thought I was going to meet a puppy today! Hopefully Boo will soon adore him and you can reinstate Dry January LOL. Many thanks for adding what I think is our smallest pony ever to #AnimalTales.

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