Breastfeeding survey provides indigestable results

Breastfeeding in public is a much-debated and quite controversial issue that continues to divide opinion. While many people don’t see a problem with it, many others find it quite off-putting and even offensive – but why? Is it down to personal views or even a deeper reason, such as their faith or the over-sexualisation of … [Read more…]

The A to Z of early pregnancy

It’s a funny time, early pregnancy. Arguably, you experience the worst symptoms in the whole of your pregnancy but you have to suffer in silence until 12 weeks. I noted down the worst things and here is my findings. The A to Z of early pregnancy. A is for anxiety. Seriously I cannot stop worrying. … [Read more…]

The trial and error of friendship

Friends. They’re funny aren’t they. You’re encouraged from an early age to make them. In the playground they change as often as your hair bobbles and, if you have an argument, it was quite common to hear ‘I’m not your friend any more’ as a kind of punishment. As you grow older, your friends change. … [Read more…]

My Eton Mess(y) Swiss Roll

I acknowledge myself that a lot of the things I do are met with much enthusiasm yet little success. It never puts me off, I always have a go. This can certainly be said from my latest Great British Bake-off inspired bake. Messy it certainly was. I used a Mary Berry recipe for the sponge … [Read more…]