Peppa Pig Baby Toys-a review

photo 1It’s no secret that we are big Peppa Pig fans in our house. The love of that little, pink pig means the merchandise which goes along with the show is also a big hit.

We have the regular Peppas, the singing Peppas, the jumping up and down in muddy puddles Peppas. Not to mention the musical instruments, playing cards, jigsaws, clothing and even knickers. Yes.

What I didn’t expect however is the new baby range of Peppa and George pigs.

photo 2

I admit it, I was slightly excited. At weekend, baby Beb got a George toy where you press one hand for him to giggle and the other for a cute little song. For avid Peppa watchers, the tune is the same as the episode about space where Peppa sings ‘North Star North Star, are you near or are you far?’ Boo reminded me. I didn’t know it off by heart. Honest.

There’s also the ubiquitous dinosaur (grr) which squeaks when you press it. There are also textures aplenty and a little mirror behind a velcro door which babies love playing peek-a-boo with.

I was really impressed with it. I think Beb might have been too.

photo 3

Then, yesterday, I went to Babys R Us for something and found a whole range of other Peppa and George merchandise and just had to buy Beb a little hanger for his car seat.

I love the new Peppa and George baby range. I just hope Beb does too. Oops.

*This is not a sponsored post. I just thought the toys were cute.


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