1. Great post I remember the weaning with M. She loved trying all the new foods, her fave was parsnip!! It can be so expensive. I have kept all the pots, spoons etc in the hope of having another one soon! #maternitymondays

    • farmerswifeandmummy

      I’ve tried parsnip and pear tonight and his face was a picture ha ha I love it 🙂

  2. Love the pic with the melon; I’m keeping this in mind for next round and I think I’m going to try offering my toddler a cut like that.

    Some of my friends do the puree / BLW mixture and it works for them. As Dr Conway said, it’s good to give our little ones lots of opportunities to handle a wide range of food.

    I’m also defintely for responsive feeding, I wouldn’t want someone to stuff me with food when I don’t want anymore.

    Well done for being a Vital baby warrior! #MaternityMondays

  3. Aww look at him with that watermelon, so cute. We have followed a similar approach and it is working well for us. There was a 4 year gap for me too and it’s amazing how much you forget. Thanks for linking up to #weaningwednesdays

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