1. Katie

    Thank you for sharing this!im am exactly the same after my latest c section (I say latest being nearly 9 months ago!!) I too felt like as soon as I got back to gym that everything was just going to fall apart and out!!!just keep going at your own pace and what you feel comfortable with!x

  2. farmerswifeandmummy

    Thank you so much. At times, it feels like it’s just you going through it. It is so comforting to think everything won’t all fall out and it’s not just me being weird AND finding an excuse not to run 🙂

  3. I can understand your fear; so good that you’ve got space to walk around though. I really could do with more focused walking. I’m sure you’ll get back to running in time. They do a good job with the stitching, I’ve been told.

    Lovely comp too; would like to be one of the runner-ups. 🙂 #MaternityMonday

  4. Never fear PCRF is REAL!! I had it with my first and it took a LONG time for me to get comfortable with running again, I too powerwalked my way round London and thought nothing of walking 4 miles with the pram. Running? No chance.

    Then the fear went away. Slowly. Bit by bit. It took a while and the next thing I knew I was running. First 5k, then 10k, then I got pregnant again and lost motivation.

    And now once again I have PCRF. But this time I can’t powerwalk outside it’s too hot. So I know I need to get over the fear, and I will one day. Soon. My waistline needs me too! x

  5. Firstly 6 months already?! Where did that time go haha. I think I’ve had exercise fear since I had my first, you’ve done better than me with your walking though! Just go at your own pace and I’m sure you’ll be running in no time xx

  6. I am 7 weeks post C section and can’t imagine exercising any time soon, unless you count going up and down the stairs a million times a day as exercise. Walking is supposed to be very good for all round fitness, so I think you’re doing just fine.

  7. I am with you, but mine is due to just being unfit. I left the Army a year ago to become a SAHM and haven’t done any exercise since. I think its because I had to do it in the Army and now I don’t I just don’t want to. I am sure though, by the sounds of it, you are going in the right direction. Good luck with it! 🙂 x #maternitymondays

  8. I have been suffering Post Birth Running fear for nearly 13 years.. I don’t even have the excuse of having surgery! I wish I was more motivated and willing but I am just thorougly lazy! I hope you continue to enjoy our walks, I think taking it stedy is very wise and gives you a chance to build your confidence! #maternitymondays

  9. I used to run a little bit but I just never really enjoyed it that much and then I hurt my knee so have never really been since. Now I’m afraid I may wet myself after having baby number 2……however I have been on a trampoline since and didn’t wee myself so maybe I’m just making excuses?? Ha!!


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