1. Fab idea creating a recipe book for people on a budget. We have a decent income but still find it hard at the end of the month.

    This evening we had an online Asda shop delivered which cost £149.84 for simple monthly basics. I really don’t understand how this situation will resolve itself in the future and how those on lower incomes will live.

    Fingers crossed for the book!

    Jenny x

  2. Thanks for sharing this thought provoking post! I was talking to my kids recently about these issues as my 5 year old mentioned ‘Mummy, children in Africa where you grew up, sometimes don’t have enough food’. I had to respond by telling them that actually children near where we live or at their school etc may not have enough food! It was a bit harsh but something that they hadn’t considered that I think is really important to recognise. #AllAboutYou

  3. jack is amazing, been reading her blog for ages an she is a feisty lady, a great campaigner and a decent cook especially on a budget. Would love a copy of the book.

  4. ive looked at this book a few times in the bookshop and it looks brilliant but i just couldn’t afford to buy it so would love to win it! 🙂

  5. Ahhhh what a great giveaway Emma. I have entered maybe this time I will be really really lucky and win! lol I never win anything. hahah Thank you so much for linking up to Share WIth Me what a great post. I agree I think we spend way way too much money on food and it doesn’t help our weight anymore than our pocket books either. We have been trying to cut our grocery bill in half and stop buying so many snacks. Its hard to change a bad habit.

  6. Martina

    I have this book and the recipes are very good and mostly fast to make too.

    I make the courgette and mint soup all the time. (Cook veg in oven, blend with Mint and stock and it’s done)

  7. This post has come at just the right time for me! As a household of 2 people spending almost £100 a week on groceries we’re now making a real effort to shop smartly using the more budget supermarkets and buying meat from a butchers – it may cost a little more but the meat seems to go further.

  8. chantelle hazelden (mamammummymum)

    have already commented but popping by again from #TriedTested fab post and giveaway!!!

  9. Mary Clarke

    I have Jack’s book. I have made Soda bread (lovely) and lentil soup and my favourite which is a sardines and pasta recipe. I have a couple of lentil Bolognese in the freezer for tough times. If you shop at Aldi you can buy good cheap tinned sardines (40p) and pasta for less than 30p. I don’t want your copy as I have my own, so I hope yours goes to a good home.

  10. Just discovered you through #TriedTested and delighted to discover Jack too. This is a great and important post and fab giveaway. I have just looked at our spending and was more than shocked by how much goes on groceries each month. Time for change!

  11. I’m on maternity leave so having to adjust to significantly less money coming in. We could all learn a few lessons from Jack, poverty or not!

  12. You are so right – I think I have realised the past couple of years how wasteful we can be. Well – we’re not anymore! We literally eat everything – unless it goes off obviously, but even then – I don’t ‘over-buy’ like maybe I did when we first moved in together, so really we have zero waste.
    I realise how lucky we are to have our jobs, and we do have a bit of a tight budget – but one that we are grateful for x

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