1. I never knew that the farmer is not in profit from the wool. That is pretty sad, I will have to look at what I buy in the future. Thank you for using my picture. It was my first attempt at cable knit which is not as complicated as it sounds. I will be seeing my first sheep shearing on the 7th June. The college I am enrolled in are hosting a sheep shearing competition and having a fun day. I am quite looking forward to it.

  2. Very interesting post, I didn’t know that about wool. I am a first time visitor, so you probably get this a lot, but I am so very envious of your little one’s access to real, proper animals and farming stuff! I’ll be back to read more!

  3. I love this post – it took me back to my childhood as my parents run a smallholding and my Grandpa was a sheep farmer – his sheep shearing days were epic and included dipping them but I guess your spray does that instead? those dips were pretty toxic and dangerous I think!
    Happy memories anyway, thanks for sharing x

  4. Marvellous blog post. As a country boy in exile, everybody needs to read this stuff and be aware of how this work is done and what the profit margins I know.

    I know about 15 years ago I was a news reporter in a very rural area and the price for a kilo of wool from a Texel sheep was 10p a kilo. I suspect it’s improved a little since then, but probably not by much.

  5. Wow really. I always thought that it is a lucrative deal. This is really sad and thank you for the information. I dont know how to help but you posting this will really help people to know. So I will tweet it. The least that I can do. #mmwbh

  6. We are behind with this one, I shall give farmer Nick a nudge to get the shearer booked here. Loving your post and 200 is wonderful, makes me realise our farming is on a very small scale! Thanks for sharing on Country Kids

  7. Wow, 200 animals! What a massive job it must be but it’s great to get an insight ‘behind the scenes’ It’s such a shame you don’t make anything from the wool thought, I love the crochet so I will think you you know when I get my wool out 🙂 xx

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