1. This is the most gorgeous post ever! Just think how worried we were about the siblings adapting and yours have been absolutely fine after all! Congratulations again on your beautiful little family xxx

  2. Love those first shots of your big 2, especially the one with their legs in the air! So fun! Exciting to see their newest sibling arrive too and love that shot of G reading to him, adorable!! Lots of love to you all xxxxx

  3. Aww this is adorable, it’s lovely seeing children meet their new siblings for the first time isn’t it? I’m glad they both seem to be accepting him so well. Your daughter looks just like you.

  4. Ah Emma, it’s so lovely to see the photos of them all. It’s much be so hard for G with the new one, I know when the twins were born Lucas was ok with them but played up for us, which is the way you want it I suppose! I’m glad you’re all settling in well to being a family of five xx

  5. Huge congratulations you are making me so broody. Lovely to meet new siblings and part of the family. How exciting. #siblingsproject

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