1. Oh darling, this must be so tough. You’re doing an amazing job and don’t worry about the kids, they have such rich lives with you and the farm and the experiences they have, they won’t miss the holidays. I hate that you are lonely though and wish that I was closer so I could pop over for a cuppa some nights and keep you company. I reckon we should start saving and have a girls and kids only holiday next summer xxx

  2. Oh Emma, I wish I was closer. I’d be happy to sit and drink coffee with you, I know how difficult loneliness is. Always there if you want to chat though, drop me a message on social media anytime.

  3. Hi there,

    Im that mother too. At times. It is a wonderful life but really difficult with young children. I bet you’re very close to your children. I know I am with mine but that doesn’t stop me from hiding in the hot press when they get too loud and the farmer has no intention of coming in. None. And thats the business but it is a tough business! Find little ways no matter how small to mind yourself! I blog at girlinwellies.com – my youngest is four now but I remember when it was really full on and it was difficult (not that I see it getting easier, sorry ;))))) Mind yourself and keep the chin up! Anne

    • farmerswifeandmummy

      Thank you so much. I’ve had a really bad day today and this has made me feel better. I am
      Going reading your blog now 🙂

  4. Bridget Green

    My children are now 30 and 25 but can really relate to how you feel. It does get easier but them they leave home! I have a job away from the farm for a few days a month which keeps me sane. Try to keep friends that can relate to farming and meet up. It is hard but you have to keep going till drilling over. My son was born in June and I remember taking him to his dad on the tractor in September and saying I have had enough you look after him! I look back now and wonder how I managed but you will.

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