The A to Z of early pregnancy

It’s a funny time, early pregnancy. Arguably, you experience the worst symptoms in the whole of your pregnancy but you have to suffer in silence until 12 weeks. I noted down the worst things and here is my findings.

The A to Z of early pregnancy.

A is for anxiety. Seriously I cannot stop worrying. I worry from the minute I wake until the minute I go to sleep (after my relentless praying). I can’t stop it and I know from experience with Boo that it doesn’t stop once they’re born.

B is for boobs. This was one of the first signs of me thinking I may be pregnant. They hurt. Badly. It feels like you’re carrying round two veiny, enlarged watermelons with razor blades down your bra.

C is for crying. Even at happy things.

D is for dates. Despite your due date going off the start of your last period, I am yet to meet anyone whose dates have stayed the same. Mine have changed three times already. I would love to be one of these people who think they are eight weeks only for the sonographer to say, you are 26 weeks. Seriously, does that ever happen? My rotten luck means if I thought I was eight weeks, they’d say I was six.

E is for exhaustion. It is like a fatigue that just comes over you. Even if you manage eight hours sleep (rare with Boo), you could still go back to bed. Oh the days when I was pregnant first time around when you could go for sneaky snooze whenever I liked.

F is for food. It is your friend and your foe in the early weeks. I ate otherwise I’d feel sick but I didn’t fancy anything. I’ve even gone off cheese-usually my favourite thing, ever. What’s that all about?

G is for ginger. Supposedly, ginger can knock the sickness on the head in the first few weeks. I couldn’t stomach ginger biscuits but diet ginger ale did do the trick a few times.

H is for hormones. These are the silent beasts within you, which, you can literally blame everything on. From the sickness, the tiredness. Even forgetting to feed the dog is down to hormones. As is burning the tea, being late for work. Add what you like here.

I is for irrational. Linked closely to H. One minute I wanted to stab Hubster in the eye with a spoon. The next I was crying that I loved him and felt guilty for wanting to stab him. Totally mad.

J is for junk. You feel rough as a dog but surely a McDonalds veggie deli-sandwich meal with a strawberry milkshake will make you feel better? Well it will for ten seconds after you eat it. Then you will feel sick for the rest of the afternoon.

K is for knicker checking. Every day. Every hour. Sometimes several times an hour. It is relentless.

L is for lifting. I remember being very careful with this when pregnant with Boo. Hubster came was made to go shopping each week to carry heavy bags. He carried appliances up and down stairs for me. This time around is different. He doesn’t come food shopping. He does help me get the shopping out of the car but I do a lot more than I did. I really try not to lift Boo. The only time I have to, is getting in and out of the car. We have quite a high car and the carseat make it higher so she can’t won’t get in by herself.

M is for miscarriage. The robber of happy pregnancies. I did bleed with Boo so when I bled at eight weeks into a previous pregnancy, I hoped it was the same. It wasn’t. Then when it happened again, I thought it was just some really cruel joke. It is a robber because even like this time, when you get past 12 weeks, you still can’t relax. I am still worrying.

N is for nausea. I don’t know why they call it morning sickness because it can hit at any time of the day or night and last all day. I didn’t have it as bad as some, I was only physically sick a few times but it isn’t very nice. However, bizarrely, it was one of the only things to make me stop worrying as I reasoned with myself that the more I felt sick, the better chance that everything might be all right.

O is for over emotional. You can’t shed a little tear. You sob. At the news. At your favourite soap, at a sad story somebody tells you. At your desk at work, reading an email.

P is for planning. Due the miscarriages, I haven’t really planned anything. However, it really is difficult when the red line appears on the pregnancy test to not work out when you’re due or when you might go on maternity leave.

Q is for questions. It was really weird when I first found out I was pregnant. At lease three people asked if I was having any more. I thought, surely they can’t tell? Maybe I was giving off a pregnancy aura. It was probably just coincidence though.

photo 3

R is for Ready Brek. The one thing I can’t get enough of. There are worse things I suppose. Apologies to anyone on my Twitter and Instagram feed who seriously must be bored to tears with photos of the stuff.

S is for secret. I didn’t keep the secret very well when I was pregnant with Boo. With the first miscarriage I told about the same amount of people but it was awful dealing with having to say we’d lost the baby so with the third pregnancy, I told less people but, having to tell them about the loss again was still bad so with this fourth pregnancy, I told hardly anyone until 12 weeks. Purely for self-preservation.

photo 1

T is for test. I have documented before my obsession with pregnancy tests. I first suspected I was pregnant the day we sheared the sheep. I went and bought a test that afternoon but it was negative. Two days later, when my period had still not come, I took another which came up positive. I thought I was seeing thing.

photo 2

U is for ultrasound. The thing we all can’t wait for. At my dating scan, I had already had two scans. An early one at eight weeks to check everything was right which they then put back my dating scan but allowed me to have one at what would have been 12 weeks because I sobbed through the first scan. At what would have been my 12 week scan (what they said was 10 weeks) they said I was 12 weeks but I had to wait another two weeks for the dating scan-very confusing.

V is for very. Everything is very in early pregnancy. Very emotional, very sick, very sad. There is no middle ground in those early days.

W is for weeing. People imagine the frequency to urinate only increases when you are heavily pregnant and the baby is pressing on your bladder. However, those pesky hormones have words with your bladder in early pregnancy and you spend quite a bit of time going there. Thankfully it is not as annoying as it is near the end when you get yourself comfy then need to go to the bathroom again and have to heave your massive belly up again. It is still annoying though.

X is for x-ray. Scans really. See U.

Y is for yearning. I have yearned for this for so long. Please keep everything crossed.

Z is for zzzzs. You really don’t get enough sleep when you are looking after another child or children. Maybe it’s God’s way of preparing you for looking after two.

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  1. I hope things get easier as the pregnancy progresses and you’re able to enjoy it a bit more. It’s hard being pregnant and, I imagine, even harder if you’ve experienced loss before. I know I worried lots in the first part of this pregnancy, I think it’s probably natural to. Thank you for linking your great post up to #BlogBumpClub.

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