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  1. We are obviously on a farm and worry about the same thing. Although as is now 8 and is very sensible. We only have an open gate and then a smaller gate which is always shut and those leads through to the farmyard., but N has always been taught not to leave for garden without being told when to buy someone who is in the yard or when he is with an adult. Even now he knows he can go down there when he’s been told to come down to the yard but he has to stop and wait for someone to see him stop the tractor and then I see him over so we know that he’s been visible. Thankfully he is taller now so is easier to spot. But we never had a problem with him climbing or escaping because he just knew but it wasn’t allowed and I’ve been drunk done to him at an early age. Hopefully yours get it soon because it is one of those worrying things something could happen in the yard. My OH is paranoid about happening because they’ve had dogs run over by tractors in the past so now how easily it can be done.

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