1. Sarah

    Lovely to read this. I am a farmer with my husband in Scotland, organic beef, sheep and cereals. I have many friends now (only one in farming,) but for years I really struggled and was very lonely and sad. My son is 15 now but as an only child growing up on a farm quite isolated that can be very difficult and was not and still isnt easy. In spite of the wonderful life and things it can offer. Fortunately he is a talented musician and boards away at specialist music school through the week so has company.

  2. Kate Beynon

    Chloe has brought a large group of women who most always feel so isolated together. The sheer magnitude of relief a “Crazy” finds when reading through comments from women in the same situation is relief that we are not alone. What ever dilemma, experience, or crisis we have there are women in the group to help, reassure and share their experiences. Who needs counselling when you are part of the “crazies”

  3. Daisy Lewis

    Congratulations on all you have achieved, the support, laughs and positive things that have come from the group. You need to go on loose women/countryfile/this morning next Chloe to spread the word what farmers wives and farmers do!Xxx

  4. Ann Barbeary

    Chloe is awesome she has through the group saved many ladies sanity and also saved lives! Her idea has grasped the heart of all us farming wives/partners and united us in our successes and failures and everyday trials and tribulations of which are never ending in this lifestyle. I for one can’t remember life before the group!!!

  5. Su Wynne

    Chloe has set up an absolutely amazing crazy group that allows women from all over the UK to exchange views on such a diverse platform that I can’t even begin to name all of them! Through this group we can speak freely and anonymously about anything and it has literally saved lives! We can learn about breast feeding problems to what is needed for a lambing kit! I don’t know of any other group on social media with the depth of ability to suggest ways forward for any subject known to man or should I say woman! And it all happens from our own farms be it the kitchen, on a tractor or from the shed! She is truly an inspiration for the modern crazy farmers wife!

  6. What can I say, she scatters kindness everywhere, saved so many from going off the rails, fantastic group , from feeling quite isolated to actually having people who know what you are on about and actually caring in a genuine way , is truly wonderful group. Huge help personally and professionally, as we have also been able to boost our rural businesses , that a lot of us farmers do as a side line.

  7. Juls Parker Gee

    Chloe is a beautiful lady who is very kind hearted and extremely supportive to each and everyone one of us crazy wife’s .
    I have not only seen how kind she is supporting each individual through tough times within the group , she also our agony aunt and will take time to listen and support .
    Chloe continues to amaze us everyday and shares her knowledge and understanding on farming along with her journey , we are all privileged to be apart of .
    Chloe is a true hero and we all love her dearly .

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