1. Oh I am SUCH a worrier! I feel for you, I bled throughout my pregnancy with my little lady and no matter how many times people told me it was going to be okay I didn’t believe them. I still don’t. It was okay. It is okay. Hell, it’s all kinds of BETTER than okay but I still find lots and lots of things to worry about and It’s such a waste of energy. It’s so futile. One of my aims this year is to cut it out because worry only makes things worse, not better. Take care x

  2. I remember that feeling. We were all really ill just after I had Lia too, I was so worried about her getting it. Take care of yourself and cut yourself some slack, we all have day worries and I’m sure we always will – even when they’ve grown up and left home 😉

  3. This is the only thing that is not changing with me. I am a worry wart. Since I can remember. Sometimes I worry a lot that I tend to be disable with fear.

    But I also worry when I don’t worry. #wotw

  4. Oh yes, I’d never been much of a worrier, but then I became a mother! I worried all through my second pregnancy, as I bled for the first half of it, and had that sense of foreboding, too, so I totally understand that. Fortunately, he was fine, and I figured out how to deal with boy bits pretty quickly! I think it’s natural to worry x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  5. Oh my goodness YES I do worry all the time. Elsie’s pregnancy was an utter worry fest and I have to admit that I still wake some days with that ball of anxiety in my tummy. Do you have anyone to talk to about your feelings? I missed that and I wish I had pushed for it. I still need to kick myself up the bum now. Lots of love to you, I hope you get some peace soon x x x

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