1. Very interesting post, I was thinking a lot about gender stereotypes and kids a few weeks ago and its really difficult. Monkey can play with whatever toys he likes and if he wants to wear pink that’s fine with me. Its also fine if he doesn’t want to wear pink too. Balance has got to be the ideal and I’m with your thinking that clothes aren’t going to make you be more aggressive, that’s got to be more about your upbringing and experiences, and potentially a little bit on your nature. Very thought provoking post 🙂 xx

  2. I read this this morning too and I was confused that it got my back up and I couldn’t pin point why but reading your post here has sort of made my thoughts a little clearer.

    I think the part for me where I was mightily confused was why – if what they are doing is so so right – are they choosing to homeschool him? I saw that as almost shielding him from the bullying that they almost expect him to receive so already doubting what they are doing – I might be wrong.

    My daughters play with dolls, but also play with cars, then wear dresses, but also wear jeans & hoodies, the eldest does ballet, but plays and watches football……….

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