36 Weeks Pregnant With Baby Number 3-Polyhydramnios and a Date

After last week’s rotter, you would be forgiven to think I would get a good week but unfortunately it was not to be.

Bear with me though, it does get better.

After being admitted for raised blood pressure, they wanted to monitor me even more closely.

I now know the inside of the antenatal day unit more than I ever thought possible and it was a lot when I was having G.

I have been admitted twice this week to the antenatal ward. Both times, I know the midwives only had my best interests at heart but both times I am convinced that if I had seen my consultant who knows me well, he would have not been so worried.

Both times, my blood pressure was fine when I had calmed down.

Both times, I either cried which made it raised or overheard one of the over-zealous midwives discussing me on the phone which only sent me into panic mode.

I had my scan and, because of the excess fluid which I now know is called polyhydramnios, they couldn’t accurately measure the size of the baby’s head but, going off stomach and limb measurement, the estimated weight of bubs this week is 6.5 pounds which is what G was at birth. The midwife did say it could be 10 per cent below or above that weight but that sounds good to me.

Symptoms wise, my feet are swollen beyond all recognition and resemble elephant feet. I can’t turn over in bed any more, put socks on or get up and down from sitting without groaning but my friends, my mood at the end of the week is much more buoyant than the beginning.

Despite spending a large amount of my time at the hospital this week and away from my precious babies at home (which I think has been the worst part), why the promise of better news at the start?

Well….I have a date! That’s right. I have been booked in for my caesarean section and I can see light at the end of a very tight and fluid-filled tunnel.

Despite sharing a lot of things with you, I am going to keep you in suspense as to when the date is.

I should however still be around for next week’s update.

Yay for a date. That’s all I can say.


  1. Great that you have a date, and the size of the baby sounds encouraging too! Mine were all between 8.5 and 9.5lbs so 6.5 sounds little to me haha! So looking forward to finding out all about baby#3 xxx

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