5 Gift Ideas For Farm Kids

1. Overalls-preferably farm related ones or ones with tractor logos on. It will save their other clothes and provide another layer for when it’s cold.

2. Socks. Can you see a pattern here? Their feet might be small but they still get cold and, if its anything like my house, kid’s socks disappear at an alarming rate. If all three kids have matching socks on, I call that a good day.

3. Farm toys. Tractors, farm animals, ride on tractors, little replica balers, bales, combines. The line between real farm and carpet farm is very fuzzy for mini farmers. They can never have too many farm toys.

4. Farm books. Just like the adults, they love to read about farms too. Check out my 5 Books for farm babies and 5 books for farm toddlers for specific examples but seriously, anything farm related will do.

5. A pull along truck or wagon. We got one last Christmas for the big two and it has been such good value-simply because they have found so many uses for it. From pulling each other around, transporting toys, chickens (the real ones), farm dogs, they really have loved it. They did ask if the baby could go in it and, while I did stop and think, I ended up saying they would have to wait for next summer when he will be able to hang on himself.

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