5 Gift Ideas for Farm Men

1. Like farmer’s wives, socks are always a winner for farmer’s. My farmer gets so many holes in his socks that he goes through them at an alarming rate. He can never have too many.

2. Hand cream. Again, his hands get chapped as much as mine and gloves are not usually an option as they wold get so dirty all the time.

3. A subscription to a farming magazine. Even when they are inside, they think about the farm all the time so they like to read about farming issues. There are loads of options out there from Classic Tractor magazines to niche ones about particular animals or agriculture, You would be in the good books for a while.

4. A drone. My farmer would love a drone so he could look at the farm from above and take photos of it. Every so often, people go over and take aerial photos of the farm and we always buy them. It is a great way of seeing how the land has changed.

5. Tractor related clothing from their favourite tractor. For goodness sake, don’t buy them New Holland overalls if they drive a John Deere but, in general, you can’t go wrong with this kind of thing. We have Massey Fergusson mugs, clothing, beer glasses, hats and, with the little farmers following in their father’s footsteps, you really can’t go wrong.

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