5 Rules of the Farm


There are many things to think about when visiting a farm. Obviously safety is paramount, what with all the machiner around.

This week, a photo popped up on my Facebook of Boo sitting at our breakfast bar having her first breakfast at the farm.

We have lived here four years now so I thought it would be funny to share with you the five things I have learnt.

1.Check your wellies before you put your feet in them. Best case scenario would be nothing in there. Worst case a spider, slug or mouse. Someone told me their kids had to take their wellies into school for something and a mouse ran out of them in the class room. Always worth checking.


2.Similar to above but, if you visit a farm, keep the windows up in your car when you get out or, if you brave it, do check before you drive off. Our farm cat has been on a great many adventures including trips to the village with workmen who haven’t noticed her curled up on the passenger seat. I’ve found her in the infant car seat. She can fit through a two inch gap. This was her nestled on the pram when I opened the boot.


3.If you happen to go somewhere on the farm with a farmer, try and make sure you drive. Obviously if you’re in a tractor and they won’t let you drive it, there may be a problem but be warned. If you are in the passenger seat, you will be required to get out and open gates.


4.Leading on from the last point, if you go through a closed gate, do not leave it open. You’ve seen the signs. Please close the gate. We don’t want sheep or cows escaping.

5.Prepare for the unexpected. If something happens, you will be roped in. Never rounded up sheep before? No problem. Orders will be barked at you. The air maybe blue but no one escapes helping out when it is needed.

So there is your crash course for the next time you visit a farm. Don’t forget your boots.


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