5 Things I’ve learnt in my Daughter’s first year at School

So the end of term is nigh for many children and, as we near the end of our Reception year, I thought I would let you know what I have learnt.


1.White socks are a nightmare. I bough loads before she started but I wish I hadn’t bothered. We have since moved on to grey. Much better for hiding stains.

2.I’d say in the first two weeks alone you will go through at least one tub of stain remover. Also, if you don’t get at least one permanent stain on an item of uniform, something is not right.

3.I straightened my hair for the first week. After that, it was scraped back most days for the school run. I don’t know how these mums arrive at school looking amazing. Getting up at 4am to do my hair just does not appeal.

4.You will experience road rage most days on the school run-whether you drive to school or not. Our school car-park is a whole new level of rage and ettiquette in equal measure. You get to know the parents who will let you out and the ones who pretend they haven’t seen you or, worse still, block you in.

5.Whether your child achieves greatness or blends into the background, I defy any parent not to burst with pride when they receive the end of term report card.

What have you learnt from your child going to school?


  1. You are so right, those white shirts are a complete nightmare, there hasnt been a day this year when J hasnt come home with a mark on his tshirts.

  2. If you are a bloke picking up your daughter, expect all chat from the group of mothers to stop as you approach…….

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