5 Things to Buy Now for Next Christmas


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. With the festivities still going on in some families, the very thought of thinking about next Christmas may leave people cold.

However with many sales now on, it is the perfect time to think about stocking up at a fraction of the price.

Here are my five festive things to buy now for next year.

1.Crackers. I have a love-hate relationship with them. While I do feel they are an essential part of the festive Christmas table, I begrudge paying for something that inevitably gets left on the table and thrown in the bin. It is sometimes true that the more you spend on them, the better the surprise and so the more likely the gift will get taken. So if you buy them in the sale and store them away for next year, you can afford to buy the more expensive cracker.

2.Table linen. You know the paper variety. Napkins, table cloths. You can sometimes even pick up a bargain with real linens. You can put them in the box with your decorations. A lovely surprise for next year.

3.If you need new decorations or fancy a change of theme, the sales are a great place to get a bargain. I’ve bought many a bauble in January. One year I even got a new tree.

4.Christmas cards. Once again, something I begrudge paying a lot for. They just get recycled come January. No one remembers the card you sent the previous year. Buy them all up after Christmas. You will save yourself a fortune.

5.Crockery. I have enough matching table ware for six people at a push. Every year I think I should buy a nice dinner service for Christmas. I haven’t done yet but it is on my list for this year.

Do you buy anything for the next Christmas in the sales?


  1. Oh what a great idea! I must admit that I seem to get a bit more organised every year but maybe I need to take it up a peg? Last year I bought some gorgeous Christmas mugs in the half price sale and I was so glad I did when I got them out this year!

  2. These are such good ideas! I’m terrible at things like this, I’m a last minute wonder! I always think I should pick up some bits at this time of year, but I’m worried I’d lose them by next Christmas!

  3. I just bought a load of Christmas cards at half-price! Safely stored in the closet – all ready for next year. Loving the blog, Emma!

    1. Just don’t forget about them-that’s my usual trick 😉 lovely to hear from you Mary x

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