5 Ways To Get Your Partner to Say Yes To Goats


I told you briefly, yesterday about Operation Goat. My covert campaign to Hubster to allow me to get some goats.

It worked but, I feel like I should share my success so you all may benefit from my undercover ways.

So this is five ways to get your partner to say yes to goats*.


1.If you get praise for anything-ANYTHING, where they say ‘thank you so much for that’, reply, straight away with ‘thankful enough for goats?’

2.If they do anything wrong and, either say sorry or beg for forgiveness, you say ‘I think I deserve goats after that.’


3.Use your children as bait. Something like ‘Oh it would really help Boo if she had a goat’ or ‘G would love looking after riding on a goat.

4.Sent sporadic goat pictures as picture messages at various times of the day.


5.If you see a space in a barn or a field (swap this for some other place if the thing you want is not living) and say ‘oh that space is just begging to be filled with goats.’

No need to thank me. Good luck in your quest.

*Delete goats for whatever you need in your life.


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