6 Careers to Keep You Active

Are you sick of sitting behind a desk all day? 

If you work a desk job, keeping fit takes all the more effort, and those dreaded trips to the gym can cut right into your precious free time!

It goes without saying that you get far less exercise in an office than you do working on a farm or on a building site, and physical activity is vital for keeping us healthy. Even your morning walk to work probably won’t cut it if you’re sat at a desk all day. 

If you’re ready for a change of pace and in need of a more active lifestyle, then here are six careers for you to consider.

  1. Postal Worker

If you love to walk, then this is the job for you. Delivering post for the Royal Mail is an excellent way for you to get up and about on your feet. 

You’ll have to be prepared to face the wind and rain. But on the plus side, think of those nice sunny days you’ll get to spend outside rather than stuck in an office. 

Black and white cat not included.


  1. Gardener

Do you have a love of gardening? Why not turn your green fingered passion into a career? 

Start up your own business and advertise your services on platforms such as Bark. You’ll be able to connect with customers in your local area who don’t have your tree trimming talents.

  1. Football Coach

While this isn’t perhaps as active as playing football, working as a football coach will certainly get you up and about.

If you’re ready to coach the next generation of stars, then make sure that your qualifications are up to scratch with Anglia Ruskin University’s fantastic football degree program. 

  1. Personal Trainer

Working as a personal trainer is an excellent way to practice what you preach. If you’re constantly urging your clients to exercise and eat better, you’ll be more inclined to do so yourself!

Plus, you’ll want to make sure that you stay on top of the latest research, and as a responsible trainer you should always try everything you want your clients to do.


Working as a farmer is the perfect way to get outside and get lots of physical exercise.

Of course, this job is better suited to people who already have a farm or live near to one. 

Livestock farming is the obvious choice for the most physical exertion. Whether it be sheep shearing or clearing muck out of barns, there is always something physical to do on the farm.

Even arable farmers can walk miles each day as they go checking on their crops or 


6. Firefighter 

Certainly not a job for the faint hearted but working as a firefighter requires you to stay fit and healthy. 

You’ll respond to a variety of emergencies and fight fires, making you a real asset to your local community.

Do you have a career that keeps you active? Tell us all about what you do in the comments below!


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