7 reasons you know you’re a mother


Before my best friend had her baby, she once came down and offered to have Boo so I could have a nap or something. I asked her if I could shave my legs. When she had her own child, she told me she understood. So I have decided to make this list of things which you once took for granted until children came along.


Before children you may have luxuriously got your roots done every four weeks. Now, you’ve given up on the blonde and it’s nearer eight weeks now if you’re lucky.


Because of said roots, you continually find ingenious ways of parting my hair.


It’s been that long since you painted your toe nails that it now looks like you’re sporting a reverse French manicure and, as time goes on, you begin to like it rather than finding a moment to paint them again. (Look away now if you hate feet).


When you shave your legs you have to throw the razor away-enough said.


Your child has been in bed for two hours and you’ve only just realised you’re still watching Peppa Pig.


Your idea of a lie-in is 7am but, admit it, you’re secretly pleased if you manage 6.30am.


You can name the time and place that you last went to the bathroom on your own.

How have things changed for you since having children? Are things as bad as here? 😉


  1. It’s pretty much the same here! I would like to add that my diet has changed to include the toddler snacks my son loves. I eat popcorn along with him and I steal his cheddar bunny crackers.

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