A Christmas Gift List and Ideas for Farming Families

Farmers and their families can be notoriously difficult to buy for. While thermal socks are always greatly received, I thought I’d do my own Christmas gift guide for families like ours and any other people who like farming and the great outdoors.

Babies and Children.

Think the youngest members of the family can’t be included on the farming wishlist? Think again.

Any child who is destined to grow up on a farm needs to be trained from and early age.

Think wellies, wellie socks, farm toys, warm clothing and an exact replica of their Daddy’s tractor. Add to that farm playsets, horse toys and ride-on farm vehicles, you have the wishlist of most children, everywhere.

kids Collage numbers

1 A replica of the farm tractor like this one I reviewed from Farm Toys Online

2 and 3 Any kind of clothing with horses, tractors or farm animals like these offerings from Joules

4 We loved this Vtech Toot Toot Animals Farm which we reviewed for House of Fraser.

5 A flask or an insulated cup like this one we reviewed from Olpro is a good idea. Little ones will be able to sip warm juice or milk on the coldest of days or have a refreshing cool drink in summer.


him Collage numbers

For Him

1 It can get cold on the farm. Even in the summer, long days on a tractor can go on forever without food or a cup of tea. A flask is always a winner. You can put soup in it or tea. At Christmas, you could always make a lovely flask of coffee with a dash of whiskey in to warm your farmer’s cockles. This particular flask is from Farm Toys Online.

2 Any clothing adorned with machinery or you farmer’s favourite machinery will go down a treat. Make sure you read my post about tractor etiquette though. You don’t want any awkward silences on Christmas morning.

3 A subscription to their favourite farming newspaper or magazine. Let them check the lamb prices without leaving the farmhouse.

4 A warm, waterproof Winter coat is a great gift idea like this one we reviewed by Trespass. A dry farmer is a happy farmer.



For Her

PicMonkey Collage

Now I would say diamonds but I can’t see that happening and Hubster has issued a blanket ban on all live presents so a puppy is unlikely so, instead, any of these gifts would be greatly received. Feel free to print off and pass to my husband.

1 We reviewed a recipe box from Riverford earlier in the year and I can’t tell you how easy it made my life that week. A great choice for any farmer’s wife.

2 Farm themed home wares are also good as you can effectively bring the outside in-minus the mud. This lovely design was one we reviewed from Sophie Allport.

3 Smellies are a given for many people at Christmas but why not go for something natural and British like these soaps we reviewed from Valley Mill. Do check out their website for other gift ideas.

4 A lovely gift idea is a course to learn a new skill. I recently attended a Learn to Crochet course at Black Sheep Wools but equally butchery, baking or jam making would be a good idea.

Here’s to a very Merry Christmas for everyone on the farm this year.

*If you do read this Hubster, it’s a Shih Tzu puppy I want or a Chihuahua or a Labrador. I’ll leave the choice up to you. Thanks.


  1. We’re not a farming family but are friends with a family who run a hefty farm so I will send this over and pinch your ideas. My son would love to think he’s a farmer though!

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