1. Sometimes life gets in the way, you can become totally comfortable in your own bubble that you forget to keep those friendship links alive. Before you know it months have passed and it can become harder to reach out. The main thing here is that you have your friend back.

  2. Ahh great this has a good ending. It’s so lovely when two good friends get back in touch again and the bond is repaired, even if it’s slightly different to how it used to be xx

  3. I’m so pleased to hear that you have patched things up with your friend (the fact that you still referred to her as you best friend even when you weren’t speaking says a lot). I know how awful it feels. I’m am quite an over-sensitive person, so when I fell out with my best friend I ended up with severe (bedridden) depression and in counselling for almost a year. My best friend and I saw or spoke to each other every day and was the one who introduced me to my husband. It was over a new friend who came into our lives, I introduced the 2 of them and they got on like a house on fire, and pushed me out (there was a lot more to it than that, but not appropriate for here – in fact I have written it all down and it’s enough for a book!). After almost 2 years of not talking, we made up, one drunken night in our local. The landlady even stayed open for an extra hour to let us finish our emotional reunion. She was then my bridesmaid etc. However our friendship has since been much less intense or important in either of our lives, In fact my son is now nearly 5 months and I’ve not spoken to or heard from her since he was born. I will never totally trust her again, and don’t rely on her day to day as I used to. I really hope that you had a good enough base to your friendship that it will still be an important relationship to you both!

  4. I lost one of my best friends a few year ago and I still miss her. I was in a bad place for a while and didn’t see her and that was that. I totally understand her feelings but it’s been hard losing someone who knew me as well as she did. We’re friends on Facebook but we’ve not met each other’s children and I haven’t seen her in about seven years bar a very brief meeting when Bud was a baby. I hope your year apart does mean that your friendship lasts a lifetime xx

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