1. We visit a working farm so the girls see the ins and outs of what actually happens. They have no issues knowing where their dinner has come from and I want them to know from an early age so it becomes part of a normal life rather than a shock

  2. Hi Emma, it must be frustrating knowing that there will be people who think that farming is easy. These are probably the same people who eat meat without it crossing their mind of how it ended up on their plate.

    Petting farms are nice in that it allows people to get up close to animals, but it hardly constitutes a working farm.


  3. I agree wholeheartedly, these places can be fun but they are very, very sanitised. It always surprises me how little people know about life on farms. I am by no means a farm girl but I do not have a rosy view and my in laws are smallholders which means the children get a good grounding in what is needed to care for farm animals.

    I always remember my father in law’s anger when he realised that the petting farms let pregnant women near sheep with no warnings as to the potential risks. Whenever I was pregnant he would stay away from me until he had changed all his clothes and washed himself clean.

  4. I don’t think it is possible to explain to anyone how difficult a job is, unless they do the job for themselves. I’ve just returned to teaching at a Primary School, a whole new experience for me, it’s tough and on a recent few days off I worked every day as well as the weekends every week. My husband doesn’t think I manage my time effectively until I timed how long it took to locate, print, laminate and cut resources for 28 4 year olds, he now realises what appears to be a simple and quick job actually took 4 hours to do, having him help me with a task, really helped dispel the myth that teaching is an easy profession. I guess the same goes with farming, unless we do it, we will never know how difficult it is

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