1. I think in today’s society the media has a lot to answer for. The Daily Mail themselves are absolutely shocking when it comes to the objectification of women and their bodies. They did an ‘article’ on one of the house mates herself, Luisa on the beach flaunting her body. That is fine, but our children are seeing this as the norm. Sex does sell, and it always has done. It’s only now that the advanced network of vulture-like so-called journalists preoccupied with looks, weight and bodies have the Internet to use as their platform for perpetuating this ‘sex sells’ culture.
    I think it is important that we just take responsibility for our children’s education in this way. Have the discussion with them and ask them what they think. Only then can we tell them that it is all top show. Great thought-provoking post xxx

  2. It’s awful. I hate the fact that my girls will be subject to all of this when they are older. Being an ex secondary school teacher, I used to see the what tv and magazines do to young girls. Loss of innocence too soon x

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